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What to Expect




When you arrive you will be greeted and asked to bring baby into the studio. It will be very warm in temperature and have white noise playing from my baby sound machine to ensure a very sleepy atmosphere for baby. I will take baby out of the carseat and start preparing him or her. You can have a seat and relax. Enjoy a refreshments and snacks from my snack bar while I get baby changed or bring your lunch if you didn’t get a chance to eat at home. I want you to feel at home, relaxed and comfortable while I work with your baby.




I will work with your baby through a number of poses and props being naked, wrapped and clothed with my accessories. I have an assortment of baskets, buckets, blankets, backdrops, headbands, flowers, wraps, and hats that I will pre-pick before the session for your baby depending on what you told me your style was. Baby will dictate how the session goes. If your newborn needs a diaper change, feeding, or just wants some cuddle time we will take a break until baby is satisfied. This photoshoot takes patience, which I have lots of! I only book one newborn session per day, so that I am not rushed and can take as much time as baby needs. I am dedicated to my clients.


At some point while the baby is wrapped, I will do the family photos. If the baby allows me I will try to get a second set of family photos while the baby is naked or unwrapped. 


This entire process will take between 3 to 4 hours.  I am not limited to this time frame. If baby is a superstar, we may be done early, if baby needs more cuddle time, we may be longer.





For a smooth sailing session:

Please try to keep your baby awake 1 to 2 hrs prior to our session. Give him/her a bath and apply baby lotion. Stimulate them by kicking their legs for 20 minutes.


Please give baby a full feed before you come. If they have a full feed, they should sleep deeply in the car and their bellies should settled by the time they arrive. If you want you can come early and feed here before the session but please let me know in advance. We want a very sleepy baby!


Please bring a bottle of formula or pumped milk. I have a fridge and a bottle warmer for it. 


Please bring a pacifier/soother even if baby doesn’t take one. This can be a life-saver when working with newborns. I am only using this when I have your baby in a hard adorable position and your baby needs a bit of soothing. If you don’t bring one… then I will have no tricks up my sleeve to get the shot, and you may not get all those cute poses your heart was set on.

Please bring a couple of diapers, wipes, and a changing mat.


Please only have your baby wear a zipper jumper to the photoshoot. Do not put any extra layers of clothes on your baby that I will have to pull over their head. The less clothing I have to remove, the better they will stay sleeping.

If you have a boy and you are going to circumcise him, please wait for a date after the session. I will not be able to wrap him tightly or do naked shots if this is done before the session. 



If you are planning on taking photos with your baby (which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND), please wear black, white, beige or brown and coordinate with your partner. I typically only shoot waist-up for these kinds of shots. 

You are welcome to wear one of my dresses from my client closet.


Please have your nails natural toned or a very town-downed colour and avoid chipped nail polish.

It is hard to edit fly-away hairs so please hairspray your hair in advance or bring a hair brush if fly-aways bother you.





Sessions should take place during the first 14 days after delivery, preferably between 5 and 10 days. I will always try for day 6 after delivery. Babies tend to get, “milk drunk” for longer periods during this time.  The newborn baby will also curl up easily as they are fresh out of the womb and have not had a chance to stretch out. Newborns may also begin to develop colic, get baby acne or flaking skin around the 2 week mark, so photographing your newborn during this time will avoid this.


Please let me know your due-date and then keep me informed with the delivery so we can adjust the session date accordingly. If your baby has not arrived 5 days before our scheduled photoshoot date, please contact me so I can open that spot up for another client and reschedule yours. If your baby comes early it is VERY IMPORTANT you contact me on DAY 1 of arrival so I can reschedule the photoshoot sooner for you.




I will try my best to get sibling and newborn photography shots. Small children may not have the patience but I will do my best to make it fast and as cute as possible. Safety of the newborn is my first priority so it may or may not work out if the small child does not want to.


A few days after the session I will send you your proof gallery so you can select all of your favourite images. I will then edit those images and have them to you as soon as possible. It usually takes me between 1-3 weeks depending on how busy I am. Then you can let me know which photos you would like printed in the 8X10 size. I can deliver the images to your doorstep once they are ready or you can pick them up. Whichever you prefer!

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