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What to Expect


Dress your child in their cakesmash outfit once they arrive to avoid any messes prior. Please have their hair done before coming but you are more than welcome to do touch-ups here to have them looking their best. 


Please bring the cake in a box or whatever method you think is safest. I will take the cake from you and put it on my cake stand. 

Getting the toddler out the door and keeping the cake safe for the car ride can be stressful. Allow me to provide your custom cake for you to help the day go more smoothly for only $100.

Please ensure the cake has no allergens to the child or new ingredients that he/she hasn't tried before.

Ensure your child is well rested and full for a happy and smiley session.


Bring their favourite small toy that will get their attention to the camera (preferably one that makes noise).

This will help me get those beautiful shots with eye-contact and a nice big smile from them.

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