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What to Expect


The best time to photograph you is between 25-32 weeks pregnant. Your bump should be visible, but you will not have a ton of water retention yet. If your bump isn't round yet, please let me know and we can postpone a couple more weeks.


I have a great selection of couture maternity gowns, wraps and body jewellery for you to choose from, all ranging from extra small to large. Most of my pieces are one size fits all.


You may bring your own outfits that you would like to be photographed.

It is recommended you bring a set of black, white, and beige bra and underwear.

If you want conservative/modest photos, I recommend bringing black, white and beige tight long sleeve sweaters and leggings to wear under my dresses as most of them are v-cut or have slit legs and show your skin.

I recommend shaving your body for a smooth look.

It is hard to edit fly-away hairs so please hairspray your hair in advance or bring a hair brush if fly-aways bother you in your photos.

Finger and toe nails look best in maternity portraits when they are a natural nail colour. It is also a colour that you will not regret down the road.


The session typically will last 1-2 hours but I will always give time to get take a break, get dressed, use the washroom, do a touch up, have a snack and have a drink. 

Your spouse and children are welcome to come if they will be a part of the photos.

If your spouse is joining and you would like a classy and timeless photos, please have them bring white, beige and black dress shirts. If they are more casual they can bring plain tee's or plain sweaters. I also suggest black dress pants or black jeans. These will match and look cohesive with your outfits from my closet.

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